Bitumen Penetration Test Apparatus


Quality Standard : As Per IS 1203

Penetration Apparatus are used for testing bitumen, tar, cement and soils. A Chosen force is applied over a given area for a known period of time and the depth of penetration or the depression made in the sample is measured in tenths of a millimeter which is expressed as a penetration number. An accurately machined aluminium base with in- set spirit level has been designed to facilitate penetration tests to be made over a wide surface area of sample, Adjustable feet are provided in the base for leveling and a head support, mounted on a vertical rod which can be adjusted for head, a rack & pinion and pointer assembly provides for fine adjustments of needle or cone tip to sample incorporated a slipping clutch mechanism which makes reading of penetration and subsequent resetting a simple and accurate operation. Each Penetrometer is supplied with a Plunger and Needle weighing 50g for testing bituminous products, one of each 50gm & 100gm weights, and one of each aluminium sampling containers 55mm dia x 53mm ht & 55mm dia x 35mm ht.