Eco Smart Compression Testing Machine Zl-2058-ES

Capacity: 1000kN / 2000k N /3000 kN

Standard:IS 14858 ( 2000),IS 516

ECO SMART compression testing machine is a sturdy welded plate type load frame complete with hydraulic power pack attached to it solid machined spacers are supplied to test different sizes of concrete specimen. The piston Is duly hardened and chromed for fast lift and return.



  • 7’’ LCD touch screen
  • 10 point dynamic calibration facility
  • On board printing facility
  • Overload safety cut off facility
  • CNC finished distance pieces supplied lo accommodate specimen of different shapes / sizes
  • Compact & sturdy design load frame to be base mount with pump clamped to frame
  • Matt finished PU paint in dark colour
  • Emergency stop push button
  • Safety lockable door
  • Platen hardness 55 HRC grinded to the finish of 0.03mm
  • Real-time graph for load vs time
  • Sample id, test id and lab id can be input onboard
  • Weight and age of specimen can be input onboard
  • 230 V AC, single phase motor
  • SCADA software available (at additional cost)
  • Meets the key specification of IS -516, & IS 14858 and other ASTM, EN and BS standard depending on platens and accessories choosen.
  • Actual pace rate display in kN/sec
  • Automatic stress determination and display.
  • Self aligning platen with fast accessory change capability
  • Data storage approx 10000 record with graph
  • Peak stress calculation based on sample type and shape
  • No external PC or software needed, so simple to learn and use
  • 4 channel can be connected to connect flexural mode/prism test, split test (at additional cost)
  • 5% overload protection to calibrate the machine to full load


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