Elecoate Coating Thickness Gauge


Measuring Range

0-2000 MICRONS


+- 2 micron or +- 2% of the reading (whichever is greater)

Min. base thickness

0.3b mm

Min. measuring area

6 mm

Working temperature

10 – 15 °C


35x 70x 24millimeter

Battery Supply Voltage/Type

9 Volts, (6F22)


74.0 grm


“Elecoate” is an indigenous coating thickness measuring gauge. It measures thickness of Non- magnetic coating on magnetic base. It is ideal for coatings on M.S (Ferrous Base).

Fully Metallic / High Quality Plastic Probe For High Service Life. Well Balanced and Spring Loaded Probe for Accurate measurements. Ideal Probe design to take reading in complex Field Areas. Strong Wear-Resistant Tip for Extra Service Life. Highly flexible Probe cable with Strain relief.

  • Latest technology with use of smart micro-controller.
  • Direct Measurement – No Calibration Required for Most Of Surfaces.
  • Highest Accuracy and Resolution.
  • “Zero” and “SET” functions along with Foils and Zero base simplicities Calibration.
  • Calibration Retaining System.


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