Gyratory Sieve Shaker Motorised

Driven Type


Operating Mode




No. of sieves


Sieves Diameter

15 cm – 20 cm, 20cm, 40 cm


Sieve shaker is designed to carry up to 7 sieves of 6 inch or 8 inch diameter. The 12 inch dia. Sieves can be used with the help of Adapter. A 1/4 HP. motor through a reduction gear immersed in oil drives the shaker. The sieve table dies not rotate but is inclined from the vertical axis and the direction of inclination changes progressively in clockwise direction. If the stop-pin below the table is removed. The shaker can have a rotary motion. In addition to this gyratory motion of the table, there is an upward and downward movement ensuring that each square cm of the sieve is utilized. A pair of rods and a holder is supplied. The holder can be fixed on the top of the upper most sieves, and thus the sieve set is firmly held. Suitable for operation on 230 volts, 50 cycles single phase A.C. Supply.


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