Placom Digital Planimeter


The planimeter measures the area by pulse count of 6 – digit. This method enables a larger cumulative measurement of area (up to 10 m2). The Planimeter is a roller-type planimeter and has full calculation functions.

Pulse count

6 digit

Max Area

10 m2


8 Digit LCD


Within ±0.2% (within ±2/1,000 pulses)





This planimeter can measure a larger area by 100 times than an ordinary planimeter, the conventional planimeter has a maximum cumulative area to measure only 0.1 m2. It can easily convert the measured area value in to a new area value with a new unit and with a new scale value.

When the measured area value overflows the displayed figures of 8 digits, the measured area value is calculated and displayed by an upper unit. When the overflow occurs in the uppermost unit, km2, acre, and the measurement can be continued by pulse count display.


  • Auto-Power-Off function
  • Tough aluminium housing
  • Smooth precise movement
  • Supplied in protective case
  • Rechargable battery and charger


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