Total Station Pentax R-1500N Series

Model W-1501N W-1502N W-1503N W-1505N
Telescope Image Erect
Magnification 30x
Effective aperture 45mm
Resolving power 3.0”
Field of view 1°20’
Minimum focus distance 1.0m
Focus Manual
  Laser Class Visible Laser: Class IIIa (Reflectorless, sheet) / Class I (Prism)
Measurement range (Good condition)( *3)
Reflectorless (*1) 1.5 ~500m
Reflector sheet (*2) 1.5 ~800m
Mini Prism 1.5 ~800m
1P 1.5 ~3000m
3P 1.5 ~5000m
Accuracy Prism ±(2+2ppm x D)mm
Reflector Sheet ±(3+2ppm x D)mm
Reflectorless 2~200m: ±(3+2ppm x D)mm

200~300m: ±(5+2ppm x D)mm

300~500m: ±(10+2ppm x D)mm

  Minimum Count 0.1mm (Fine mode), 1mm (Normal mode), 10mm ( Track mode)
Measurement Time *4 Repeat Meas. Fine (0.1mm) Prism / Ref.sheet 3.0sec., Ref.less 3.0sec. (over 300m 5.0sec.)
  Normal (1mm) Prism / Ref.sheet 2.0sec., Ref.less 2.0sec. (over 300m 4.0sec.)
  Track (10mm) Prism / Ref.sheet 0.4sec., Ref.less 0.4sec. (over 300m 0.4sec.)
  Initial Meas. Fine (0.1mm) 1.5 ~300m 3.5sec., over 300m ~13sec.
  Normal (1mm) 1.5 ~300m 2.4sec., over 300m ~12sec.
  Track (10mm) 1.5 ~300m 2.5sec., over 300m ~12sec.
Angle measurement Measuring method Absolute rotary encoder
Detection method Vertical / Horizontal angle
Minimum count 1” / 5”
Accuracy (ISO 17123-3) 1” 2” 3” 5”
Compensator Axis 2 axis
Range 3’ 30
Tangent screw 1 Seed/Clamping (<30”)
Sensitivity of vials Plate level 30”/1div. (electrical)
Circular level 8’/2mm
Plummet Visible Laser, ±0.5mm (instrument height 1.5m)
Base Detachable
Dust and Water Protection IP55 (instrument only)
Ambient temperature -20°C ~ 50°C / -4°F ~122°F (Working range)
Tripod thread 5/8”x 11
Dimensions / Weight Dimensions 183 (W) x 342(H) x 167(L)mm
Weight (battery not incl.) 5.4kg
Carrying case Dimensions / weight 440(W) x370 (H) x275 (L)mm /3.9 kgs.
Battery pack Power source Li-ion 2,500mAh X 2 = 5,000mAh (hotswap)
Operation time Continuous approx. 9.0hrs (ETH+EDM) with approx. 2.5hrs. of charging time
Weight 5400g
Battery charger and AC Adapter Input voltage AC 100 ~ 240V
Output voltage DC8.4V
Data Process Data Recording Method Internal Memory
Capacity / Coordinates Data Up to 2GB / 60000
Special Function PowerTopoExpress 2
I/F RS-232C, SD CARD, USB mini, Bluetooth (class2)
Display / Keyboard Display type Graphic LCD / 20 characters x 8 lines / 240 x 96 pixels
Quantity 2
Keys 22 each (12 numeric / 5 function / 5 special)
Display back light Intensity settings: 10 steps
Laser Pointer Yes
Date clock Yes


  • Precision 1 “/ 2” / 3 “/ 5”
  • Distance without prism 500 m
  • Distance with prisma 3000 m
  • Large internal memory (up to 60000 points)
  • Double battery (3350 mah x 2)
  • Double display
  • Data / usb / sd / rs232 data transfer
  • Biassial compensator
  • Protection index ip55


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