Wood Moisture Meter


The moisture meter is designed for use in wide applications such as: –

  • For locating water leaks behind walls, above ceilings and below floors.
  • For wood working, measure moisture content before finishing, painting processing.
  • For textile industries, regular check moisture content of fabric and leather, quality check to prevent mold.
  • For printing industries, check moisture content of paper before printing.


  • Operating voltage: 1 x 9V (6F22/6LR61/1604)
  • Operating current: < 40mA max.
  • Low battery indication : <7.5V,
  • Extreme low battery warning with auto power Off (20 secs.) when below 5.5V
  • Auto power off: within 3 mins. in inactive mode
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C ~50°C (32 °F- 122 °F)
  • Operating humidity: 80% RH max.
  • Moisture measuring range: 6.0-99.9%
  • Accuracy: +(3% rdg +5 digits)
  • Resolution: 0.1%


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