Aggregate Impact Testing Machine/Apparatus

The aggregate impact value of coarse aggregate provides a relative measure of the resistance of an aggregate to sudden shock or impact. The oven dried and accurately weighed aggregates are subjected to a total of 15 blows of specified weight and fall and percentage of fines formed in terms of the total weight of the sample is expressed as the aggregate impact value.


General Description & Specification :

Consists of base with a lower surface and support columns to form a rigid frame work around the quick release trigger mechanism to ensure an effective free fall of the hammer during test. The free fall can be adjusted through 380 + 5.0mm. The hammer is provided with a locking arrangement. A metal tup (hammer) weighing 13.5 to 14.0 kg, the lower end of in cylinderical shape, 100mm in diameter and 5cm long with a 2mm chamfer at the lower edge and case hardened. Complete with a cylindrical cup, 102mm dia x 50mm depth, one measure 75mm dia x 50mm deep and a tamping rod of circular cross section 10mm in diameter and 230mm long, rounded at one end.

Automation Grade


Type of Testing Machines

Powder Dynamometer


220 V






450 KN


Single Phase


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