Bitumen Penetrometer

It may be defined as the hardness softness of the bitumen by measuring the depth in tenth of a millimeter to which standard loaded needle will penetrate vertically in five minutes the penetration of bituminous material is the distance in tenth of a millimetre that a standard needle will penetrate vertically into a sample of the material under standard conditions of temperature load and time.


Technical Specification:-

  • Temperature 250oC
  • Penetrometer apparatus with containers and weights having penetration needle (Bitumen)
  • Penetrometer apparatus with containers and weights having penetration CONE HOLLOW type (Grease)
  • Same as above but with Geared arrangement for moving the arm with geared unit
  • Penetrometer with Brass Cone & Needle with DIGITAL TIMER DEVICE (Adjustable)
  • Water Bath, A bath having a capacity of at least 10 Liter and capable of maintaining a temperature of 25 ± 0.1oC or other temperature of test within 0.1oC
  • Timing Device for hand operated Penetrometer any convenient timing device such as an electric timer, a stop watch, or other spring activated device may be used provided it is graduated in 0.1 second or less and is accurate to within ± 0.1 second for a 60 second interval
  • Thermometers Calibrated liquid-in-glass thermometers of suitable range with subdivisions and maximum scale error of 0.1oC or any other thermometric device of equal accuracy, precision and sensitivity shall be used
  • It is cooled at an atmospheric temperature of 15 to 30oC for 2 1 hrs. Then it is placed in a transfer dish in the water bath at 25.0 + 0.1oC for 2 1
  • It is poured into a container to a depth of at least 15mm in excess of the expected penetration
  • The bitumen above the softening point (between 75 and 100oC) is softened it is stirred thoroughly to remove air bubbles and water.


  • Needle
  • Container
  • Water bath
  • Transfer dish
  • Thermometer
  • Time device

Optional Accessories:-

  • Spare Penetration Needle (Pack of two)
  • Spare Penetration solid cone
  • Spare Penetration brass hollow cone
  • Grease worker hand operated
  • Grease worker hand operated big handle (Lever type)
  • Grease cutter


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