Compression Testing Machine-Three Dial Gauge

Display Type

Three Gauge Type


1000kn / 2000kn

Pachaging Type




Automation Grade


Motor Voltage

440 V


This test is used to determine the compressive strength of a concrete cube, which has usually been made from fresh concrete cast in a standard test mould. The value of compressive strength can then be used to assess whether the batch that the concrete cube represents meets the required compressive strength. Following cube manufacture and curing, which should both be closely controlled, the cube is crushed at a stated constant speed until it can sustain no further increase in load. The strength is then derived by calculation using the maximum load and cube dimensions.

The machine embodies an hydraulic system designed to meet the requirements of Indian standards Specification 516-1959 for compression tests on concrete cubes up to 20 cm X 20 cm X 20 cm. and also concrete cylinders up to 30 cm height. Using special platens and fixture, Brick testing and flexural testing can also be carried out on the same machine.


  • Hard chrome plated piston with new type of long life oil seal.
  • Four Pillar Model – superior in design, reliability and accuracy
  • Practically no welded parts, all joints reinforced with heavy nut/bolt to withstand occasional over loading and to ensure center loading.
  • Rounded Corners – add to elegance and safeguard against injury
  • Hardened and grinded platens with guide lines for placing sample for testing
  • Accurately calibrated dial gauge


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