Feeler Gauge Set


Brand Name


Model number



Stainless Steel


0.45 grams


0.0015-inch to 0.025-inch


Feeler gauge sets have multiple thin strips of metal or plastic housed in a lockable holder. Also known as thickness gauges or gap gauges, they are inserted individually or in combination between two objects to measure the distance or gap between them. These sets have gauges of varying shapes and sizes that are marked with the thickness and often the standard/metric equivalent and/or thickness tolerance so it’s easy to see the thickness without needing a separate gauge to keep them straight. They are commonly used in engineering, machining, woodworking, or automotive applications.

  • 26 Hardened, Tempered Steel Blades
  • Measures: 0.0015 Inch (0.038 mm) to 0.025 Inch (0.635 mm)
  • Chrome Plated Main Shaft for Easy Clean Up and Professional Look
  • Each Blade is Laser Etched with Inches and Millimeters
  • Blade Protector has Thumb Notch to Aid in Removal of Blades


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