Vee Bee Consistometer

Vee bee test is the pure laboratory test to measure workability of fresh concrete. The workability of fresh concrete is defined as the amount of useful internal work necessary to produce 100% compaction. Vee bee test gives the time required to achieve compaction, which is related to the total work done; hence vee bee test is a good test to measure the workability of concrete indirectly.





Operating Mode



Testing & Measuring Equipment's


  • A vibrator table: The vibrating table is 380 mm long and 260 mm wide and is supported on rubber shock absorbers and mounted on a base.
  • A metal pot or Cylindrical Container: The metal pot is fixed on to the vibrator table through two wing-nuts.
  • A sheet metal cone or Slump Cone: The sheet metal cone is a slump cone which has 300 mm height and its bottom diameter is 200 mm and top diameter is 100 mm. It is placed in the metal pot
  • A standard iron rod
  • Stop Watch


  • A vibrator table-380mm long and 260mm wide
  • Design based on the IS 1199-1959
  • A vibrator table is resting upon elastic support for smooth working
  • Sheet metal cone-height-30 cm, bottom dia-20cm and top dia-10cm
  • The metal rod having 20mm diameter and 500mm length

220 volts,3 phase,50hz ac supply


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