Vicat Needle Apparatus



±0.5 %

Material For Construction

Stainless steel, Mild Steel


40 mm

Base Plate

5 inches x 5 inches


Used to determine the amount of water required to produce a cement paste of standard consistency and the setting time. The time it takes for a cement to stiffen to a standard value after addition of water is commonly known as the set time. The test involves mixing cement with water and then measuring its resistance to penetration of a standard probe at varying intervals of time, until a certain value is reached.


  • Needle Diameter -1.13 mm(+-)0.05, Needle length-50 mm(+-)1
  • Plunger ( Diameter)-10(+-)0.05 mm,length of plunger-50(+-)1
  • Vicate Mould- Top Diameter 70(+-)5 mm
  • Bottom Diameter-80(+-)5 mm
  • Height of mould-40(+-)0.2 mm
  • Design based on-IS 4031-PART 5-1988



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